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Elevate the aesthetics of your vehicle with RS Customs’ Chrome Delete service, a transformative solution designed to redefine the look of chrome elements on your car. Our skilled technicians meticulously apply high-quality vinyl wraps to conceal or change the appearance of chrome trims, accents, and details. Whether you desire a sleek matte black finish for a sophisticated and modern appearance or a bold color to make a statement, RS Customs provides a range of customization options to suit your preferences. Beyond the visual enhancement, our Chrome Delete service offers an added layer of protection against environmental elements, ensuring the longevity of your vehicle’s exterior. Trust RS Customs to expertly execute Chrome Delete, delivering a flawless finish that harmonizes with your unique style while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.


Selecting RS Customs for Chrome Delete services ensures a superior and personalized experience for several compelling reasons:

Expert Craftsmanship
RS Customs boasts a team of skilled technicians with extensive expertise in Chrome Delete services. Our professionals are dedicated to precision and attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish.

Customization Options
RS Customs understands the importance of individual style. With our Chrome Delete services, customers can choose from a variety of customization options, including matte black finishes, bold colors, and other personalized choices to match their unique preferences.

Quality Materials
We prioritize the use of high-quality vinyl wraps and materials for Chrome Delete services. This not only ensures a premium appearance but also provides durability and protection against environmental elements.

Protective Enhancement
Beyond aesthetic improvements, Chrome Delete from RS Customs offers an added layer of protection for chrome trims and accents, safeguarding the vehicle’s exterior from scratches, wear, and environmental factors.

RS Customs provides Chrome Delete services for various vehicle models, offering a versatile solution for cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. Our expertise extends across different makes and models, accommodating diverse customer needs.

Comprehensive Services
RS Customs offers end-to-end services, from free consultations to professional installations. Our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction ensures a seamless experience throughout the Chrome Delete process.

Legal Compliance
RS Customs ensures that Chrome Delete services comply with local regulations, prioritizing visibility and safety standards. This commitment to legal compliance ensures that your vehicle remains roadworthy.

Positive Reputation
RS Customs has earned a positive reputation in the automotive customization industry. Satisfied customers consistently praise the quality of our Chrome Delete services, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

Innovative Solutions
Staying abreast of industry trends, RS Customs incorporates innovative techniques and solutions into its Chrome Delete services. This commitment to innovation ensures that customers benefit from cutting-edge and modern customization options.

Customer-Centric Approach
RS Customs places a high value on customer satisfaction. Our customer-centric approach involves clear communication, free consultations, and a dedication to exceeding customer expectations, ensuring a positive and tailored experience.

Choose RS Customs for Chrome Delete services to transform your vehicle with confidence, knowing that you are selecting a trusted partner renowned for craftsmanship, customization, and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier results.

Most frequent questions and answers

Chrome Delete is a service offered by RS Customs that involves concealing or changing the appearance of chrome trims, accents, and details on a vehicle. Commonly covered areas include window trims, grilles, emblems, and door handles.

RS Customs provides a range of customization options for Chrome Delete, including matte black finishes, bold colors, and other personalized choices. Customers can discuss their preferences during the free consultation.

The Chrome Delete process at RS Customs involves applying high-quality vinyl wraps to chrome elements. The duration of the process depends on the complexity of the job and the size of the vehicle. A more accurate timeframe can be provided during the consultation.

RS Customs offers a wide spectrum of color options for Chrome Delete, allowing customers to choose colors that suit their preferences. The customization is not limited to specific options, providing flexibility for individual style preferences.

Yes, beyond aesthetic enhancements, Chrome Delete from RS Customs offers an additional layer of protection to chrome trims and accents. The vinyl wraps act as a barrier, helping to shield against scratches, wear, and environmental elements.

RS Customs provides Chrome Delete services for various vehicle types, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. The service is versatile and adaptable to different makes and models.

Chrome Delete performed by RS Customs is designed to be reversible, and the process is carried out with care to avoid damage to the underlying chrome. The removal process is conducted professionally to ensure a smooth transition.

RS Customs is knowledgeable about local regulations regarding vehicle modifications. The Chrome Delete service is performed with compliance to visibility and safety standards, ensuring that the vehicle remains roadworthy.

Yes, RS Customs can provide samples or showcase previous Chrome Delete projects during the free consultation. This allows customers to assess the quality of work and make informed decisions.

Many Chrome Delete services provided by RS Customs come with warranties, reflecting the confidence in the durability and quality of the work. The specific details of the warranty can be discussed during the consultation.

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