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Shield your car’s paint from potential damage caused by rock chips, scratches, road debris, bird droppings, tree sap deposits, and more with our top-notch paint protection film. We provide two distinct film options for your car’s protection. The Ultra Matte film, renowned for its clarity, preserves the original gloss and shine of your paint. On the other hand, the Matte film imparts a stylish matte finish, transforming the appearance of your vehicle. Both films come equipped with self-healing and self-cleaning capabilities to fortify your car’s defense. By opting for paint protection film, you ensure that your car remains unscathed, eliminating the need for repairs even after countless miles of driving.

Benefits of Paint Protection Films

Self-healing against scratches: Installing a Paint Protection Film (PPF) serves as a protective barrier for your car, shielding it from rocks kicked up by the road, airborne debris, and natural chemicals that can unavoidably assail it.

Preventing swirl marks during washing: Traditional methods of waxing and polishing a car may lead to the creation of minute scratches due to the circular motion often employed during application. This occurs when dirt and tiny debris find their way between the wax and the cloth. With a PPF on your car, this issue is averted, eliminating the need to fret over swirl marks during the washing process.

What is the Duration of PPF’s Longevity?

Endures for a period of up to 10 years: Paint Protection Film (PPF) boasts a longer lifespan compared to other exterior paint protection methods. When the need arises for replacement, the process is exceptionally straightforward. The removal of the PPF is smooth and effortless, allowing for the immediate addition of a new layer. This cycle of removal and replacement can be repeated as often as desired.


Partial Bonnet, Full Front Bumper, Front Wings, Headlights & Wing Mirrors


Full Bonnet, Full Front Bumper, Full Front Wings, Headlights & Wing Mirrors


Full Bonnet, Full Front Bumper, Full Front Wings, A-Pillars, Side Sills, Rear Bumper Sections, Headlights, & Wing Mirrors


All external painted and carbon fibre lacquered panels


Opt for Paint Protection Film by RS Customs for a superior choice in safeguarding your vehicle’s paintwork. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive selection of precut templates tailored for the latest vehicle models. With RS Customs, you not only benefit from the longevity and protective qualities of PPF but also enjoy the convenience of precision and efficiency in application, thanks to our up-to-date technology and templates that cater to the latest vehicles on the market. Trust RS Customs for an unparalleled combination of advanced techniques, quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring your vehicle remains shielded with the utmost care and precision.

Most frequent questions and answers

Paint Protection Film is a transparent layer applied to a vehicle’s exterior to protect the paint from various forms of damage. It acts as a barrier against rock chips, scratches, bird droppings, and environmental contaminants.

The duration of PPF installation depends on factors such as the size of the vehicle and the complexity of the job. RS Customs can provide a more accurate timeframe during the free consultation.

Yes, RS Customs offers Paint Protection Film services for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and luxury vehicles. Custom templates are available to ensure a precise fit for each vehicle.

High-quality PPF, when professionally installed by RS Customs, is virtually invisible and does not alter the appearance of the vehicle’s paint. It preserves the original finish while providing protection.

PPF is designed to be removable without damaging the underlying paint. RS Customs employs professional removal techniques to ensure a smooth and damage-free process.

Many PPFs, including those offered by RS Customs, have self-healing properties. Minor scratches on the film’s surface can disappear over time, maintaining the integrity of the protective layer.

While PPF doesn’t require extensive maintenance, RS Customs provides customers with care instructions to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the film. Regular washing and waxing are typically recommended.

Yes, PPF acts as a protective barrier against environmental contaminants, including bird droppings, tree sap, and other airborne pollutants. This helps prevent damage to the underlying paint.

RS Customs often provides warranties for Paint Protection Film installations, demonstrating confidence in the durability and quality of their work. Specific warranty details can be discussed during the consultation.

RS Customs remains at the forefront of industry advancements by investing in the latest technology and staying informed about precut templates for the newest vehicle models. This ensures that customers receive state-of-the-art PPF applications tailored to their vehicles.

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